Yu-Gi-Oh! FGX (aFter Generation neXt) is the spinoff sequel series set a year after the end of the fourth series of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, following the story of new protaganist: Marshall Kazu.


Taking place just One year after Jaden Yuki graduated from Duel Academy The story now follows Marshall Kazu,Katrina Yukari and Hadrian Thompaon as the new Protaganist of FGX. The duel academys staff,Aster Pheonix,Blair fanning,Tyranno Hasselberry,Mockuba Kaiba , Atticus and Alexis Rhodes will be returning in this new anime has main supporting characters



Marshall Kazu (Kazukiko Mashirito) - Series Protaganist and First Year Slifer Red, later Envoy Black

Cesare Aero (Aoi Kisaragi) - Marshall's Best Friend and First Year Slifer Red

Katrina Yukari (Yukari Kurihara) - First Year Obelisk Blue and a talented duelist she later became a close friend of Marshall and also has a crush on him and she also gets jelous when she sees him hanging with another girl

Hadrian Thompson (Tomoya Hanasaki) - First Year Obelisk Blue and one of Marshall rivals and closest friend

Isaac Guru (Gorou Inogashira) - First Year Ra Yellow and a duelist with genius brain he eventually developed a friendly rival and a close frendsip to Marshall

Kyle Hibiki (Hibiki Koyo) - First Year Slifer Red and Marshalls room mate

Iris Mcinnes (Misaki Oota) - First Year Ra Yellow and best friend of Isaac Guru


Tyranno Hassleberry (Tirano Kenzan) - Third Year Ra Yellow he takes a special interset in Marshall and eventually becomes a big brother mentor to him

Blair Flannigan (Saotome Rei) - Second Year Obelisk Blue and Katrinas best friend she eventually becomes a big sister mentor to marshalll and the gang

Aster Phoenix (Edo Fenikkusu) - Third Year Obelisk Blue and Pro League Duelist

Mokuba Kaiba (kaiba Mokuba) -Deputy Head of Obelisk Blue boys dorm

Chancellor Alan Sheppard (Samejima) - Headmaster of Central (Duel) Academy

Vice Chancellor Josef Bessarion (Stalin) - Deputy Headmaster and Temporary Head of Envoy Black Dorm

Dr Velian Crowler PhD. (Kuronosu de Medichi) - Head of Obelisk Blue Boys Dorm

Dr Fonda Fontaine MD. (Ayukawa Emi) - Head of Obelisk Blue Girls Dorm and also the duel academys nurse

Professor Simon Satyr (Kabayama) - Head of Ra Yellow Dorm

Proffessor Minerva Hibiki (Hibiki Midori) - Head of Slifer Red Dorm

Atticus Rhodes (Tenjoin Fubuki)- A freshmen year medical student who studies in Universtiy of London and also works as a part time assistant to Dr Fonda Fontaine he eventually becomes a big brother mentor to Marshall and his friends and would worry about them so often due to this he misses class so often

Alexis Rhodes (Tenjoin Asuka) - PE teacher of duel academy