"Negative Number", pluralized as "Negative Numbers" (No.ナンバーズ Nanbāzu) in Japan, is an archetype of prominent Xyz Monsters that play a major role of the story in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, Revenge of the Shadows arc. Every Negative Number is the polar opposite of every Number card, Negative Number effects involve keeping their Xyz materials, while Numbers, typically involve detaching them. All the Negative Number's card arts are colored opposite of the Number they are the opposite of as well as facing the other way of the Number. The most feared version of a Negative Number is their Dark Xyz counterpart, which requires the original Negative Number to be destroyed.

Known MembersEdit

Negative Number 16: Shock Servant

Negative Number 17: Balrog Dragon

Negative Number 39: Hades

Negative Number C39: Hades Beam

Negative Number 55: StopStopStop Golem