Marshall's DecksEdit

Marshal uses an Elite Force Deck that focuses on tactical use of monsters to battle his oppositions and using spells to aid in the field and traps to activate when he needs a back-up plan. His choice of monsters came from being taught to forget the past and go with the future.

Force of the Elite

After realising that their is potential in the old ways, he reuses an old Olympian Deck that uses gods from greek mythology, relying on their abilities in full.

Gods of Olympus

Cesare's DecksEdit

Cesare uses a deck of dragons, including his own trump card: Yellow Eyes Grey Dragon. While the Blues Eyes brings Power, Red Eyes brings Potential, Yellow Eyes brings properties that allow it to be unique in as a card in comparrision to the other Coloured Eyed Dragons.

Yellow Eyes Gemini

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Mokuba's DeckEdit

Mokuba uses a Blue Eyes Deck, focusing purely on summoning the signature monsters of his brothers deck and using them in order to win his duels, having obtained the only three other printed copies of the rare beasts.